Property Development in Azerbaijan


Property Development in Azerbaijan

Property Development in Azerbaijan

The Property development is a business and activities are the purchase of land and design and construction of real estate and buildings on them or the sale of land developed after and to carry out repairs in the real estate and renovation of existing buildings or rent and similar works in order to obtain profits as a result of these works. Means the development of real estate involves a wide range of activities and processes of buying land for the construction and development of buildings.


Real estate development has the following stages:

– Studying the real estate market and arranging reports.

– Determine the development area and analysis and site selection.

– Determine the current and next level of demand.

– Install the current and next display level.

– Study the economic conditions of the development project.

–              Mortgage.

– Construction and construction in selected lands.

–              Real Estate Marketing.

New developers sometimes think that real estate development is easy, but not so, but project management is a difficult set of processes and interrelated procedures. Each property development project has unique aspects, but the constant preparation of surprises and the ability to respond appropriately and immediately reduces the developer of a number of problems and achieve the best results in the end.

We are the property company “AzeriAmlak” for real estate we find the right land from the point of view of the site and shape and look at the economic conditions and expectations for obtaining continuous profit and give you information important and logical and reasonable so that you benefit from our reports and plan your things well and useful.


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